Maika collective studio is a Jakarta - based collaborative practice established in 2015, that aims to investigate the boundaries between art, technology and future.

Started as a one man show, we grew our values throughout the years.

We expanded our disciplines, called sub-brands, to deliver more focused outputs


Digital Photography
2D Motion Graphics
3D Motion Graphics
Visual effects (VFX)
Graphic effects (GFX)
Digital Imaging

Interior Consultancy
Interior Construction
Design & Build Residential
Installation/Exhibition Production
Build research & development
Product manufacturing

Visual Direction
Digital Strategy
Editorial & Prints
UI/UX Design

Technology Consultant
Product Consultant
Installation Consultant
Creative Technology

Product Design
Product Strategy
Product Consultancy
Product Manufacture

Creative Ideation
Strategic Branding
Strategic Campaign
Brand Consultancy

We're a group of people who care deeply about the Future.

We initiate ideas that sets a new benchmark in the creative industry.

We nurture our people and sub-brand to grow with one vision in mind.

We maintain our outputs to enhance Indonesia's potential to it's best.


How can we help you?

We look forward to collaborating and thriving with you.