Ideafest is one of the most influential conference in Jakarta, Indonesia. They allowed us to share our skills in creating the entire event's Audio Visual Experience.
We partnered up with Makna Creative Studio to enhance the styleframe.

It was an entertaining process. Within a short period of time, we explore deeper into the styleframe and motion, blasting our Audio to its maximum.

As Maika's tradition, we always open every event that we handle with a special opening video to welcome all Ideafest attendees. we brought neon and techno nuance for the visual looks to 
emphasize ideafest theme "SHIFT THINK". 
with the help from Rayi Atmadja as our music designer, 
He translated our visual to his music and that feels amazing.

Speaker Announcement collage

We elaborate our visual look to speaker announcement. because all speaker had diffrenent concentration. we split them into 3 different colors. blue violet for government, pink orange for bussiness, green yellow for creative.
We customised our visual looks to match the guest speakers expertise. We split the theme into 3 different colors, blue and violet for govermental speakers, pink and orange for speakers from business fields and lastly green and yellow for the creative industry speakers.


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