Provides a supporting role to The Artchitectural side of Maika Collective Studio Sub-brand; Mana Living
Together we address personal character into a living space with the right colours, details, contour, smell and music. Join us to aspires the experience of living. Don't forget to drop your best portfolio.
| Interior Designer | 3D Drafter | Project Officer |
Combine artistry and craftsmanship to the living space. Ensure all work are carried out to specific requirements of the client and/or design director. Present and produce quality presentations and authorize materials submittals and methods of work. Bachelor Degree in Interior or Architecture.  Skills including AutoCAD, InDesign, Photoshop and other related design software. Also, Experience in Sketch up and 3D Max.

Role Responsibilities
- Together with senior Designer in charge, meeting with client to determine & planning interior environments, such as budget, architectural preferences, and purpose and function.
- Create and present a concept design which meets client’s requirements.
- Decide the most appropriate materials for the design within budget restriction.
- Coordinate & maintain relationship with suppliers, vendors, & contractors for the project execution.
- Responsible for keeping the project on budget & on schedule.
- Assist Senior Designer to provide consultative services to client.
- Perform additional assignments and responsibilities as requested by supervision.

Email Subject - (Fulltime/Internship)_(YourName)_InteriorDesigner  - Example: Internship_Collins_InteriorDesigner
This position is responsible for the creation of shop drawings and 3D modeling using AutoCAD, Cabinet Vision and Sketchup or any other 3D Software. An understanding of both commercial and residential construction drawings is an important skill set for this position. Required competency in understanding 2D and 3D drawings, and correlating between section, elevation, and plan details. 

Role Responsibilities
- Review plans and order and specifications in preparing the drawings
- Take accurate site measurements
- Create accurate, detailed shop drawings and 3D modeling from architectural drawings in a timely manner utilizing AutoCAD, Cabinet Vision and Sketchup
- Produce production reports, material lists and labels and distribute as necessary
- Identify and label critical points on the production documents
- Review drawings with staff to clarify details and address issues/questions
- Coordinates with architect/customer to revise, update, value-engineer the shop drawings/BOM
- Provide recommendations regarding feasibility of using alternative approaches, modifying or replacing materials to reduce cost or improve quality
- Create and send submittals to the reviewing architect or customer
- Provides backup support for Project Managers and when required

Email Subject - (Fulltime/Internship)_(YourName)_3DDrafter  - Example: Internship_Collins_3DDrafter
You will be responsible to manage and organize Construction & Installations Project. You should be able to manage and monitoring multiple project with tight deadlines properly. We are looking for a highly professional person willing to work as a team to learn, evolve, and grow in company continuously looking forward.

Role Responsibilities
- Engaged in planning design development and being able to become bridge between designers and contractors.
- Prepare the resources needed for construction and Coordinated with all involved parties.
- Understand the whole Construction Progress and being able to identify potential issue, provide the right solutions and make sure every problems are clear.
- Arrange the project schedule in detail and make a weekly report for the Construction Progress.
- Prepare budget estimates and identify cost saving.
- Make, recommend, and present development strategies to meet Time, Quality and Budget.
- Identify and able to resolve problems both technical and non-technical on Site Constructions.
- Monitor and report on budget realization.
- Monitor and report on work completion schedules.

Email Subject - (Fulltime/Internship)_(YourName)_ProjectOfficer  - Example: Internship_Collins_ProjectOfficer
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