You provide a supporting role to The Creative side of Maika Collective Studio;
Break boundaries and craft the best ideas in the world. Embrace challenges and new ways of thinking. Don't forget to drop your best portfolio or reel.
| Graphic Artist | Motion Artist | Videographer | 
The ideal candidate should have excellent design skill, is detail-oriented and innovative brainstorming. Pitching in when needed, dare to explore and experiment new things. We love skilled storytellers and strong conceptualisers who can work in a multidisciplinary environment.

Role Responsibilities
- 2+ years or more experience as a Graphic Designer in the creative industry 
- Be the lead or person in charge for multiple projects. 
- Motivated, highly adaptable, able to work and collaborate with a team in a fast paced environment 
- Possess creativity, communications skills and problem solving skills. 
- A good eye for color, form and detail plus good taste in design and everything related. 
- Must be proficient with design applications (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator). 
- Knowledge of C4D, UI/UX, illustration, motion graphic, and photography would be a plus. 
Role Responsibilities
- Must be proficient in basic design programs such as InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator 
- Ability to come up with concept and ideas 
- Able to complete assigned tasks within specific time frames 
- Always seeking for more knowledge and a fast learner 
- Must be a team player and have a great communication skills 
- Motion graphic skills would be a plus 

We’re looking for motivated individuals who are motivated and up to face creative challenges. We know that you have more to offer than what we’ve listed down, so show us what you’ve got!
Email Subject - (Fulltime/Internship)_(YourName)_GraphicArtist 
Example: Internship_Seigmeister_GraphicArtist
The ideal candidate should be  a motion graphic expert, enjoying working on their keyframe and distinct style. Exploring  and developing new skills to create a unique visual language while creating a new benchmark in the industry. We love motion artists who  collaborate with our divisions outside of their department.

Role Responsibilities
-  You should have a general understanding of motion graphic.
- Able to work with a team in a fast-paced environment. 
- Designing styleframe & coming up with creative references/storyline. 
- Able to work efficiently & effectively within a specific timeline (mostly short period). 
- Understand the principle of basic animation. 
- Able to work with Adobe After Effects & Cinema 4d.
- Able to work with Houdini Fx  is a plus .
We know you have what we’re looking for. Shoot us your CV & portfolio! Join us and become a part of Maika Collective Studio.
Email Subject - (Fulltime/Internship)_(YourName)_MotionArtist 
Example: Internship_Jrcanest_MotionArtist
You are a visual storyteller that captures every moment and crafts it into an eye-pleasing visual. Have deep understanding of your field and an ability to explore more angle with different type of production. You live and breathe motion picture, with a key attention to detail, and humbleness of your output. 

Role Responsibilities 
- Able to work effectively & efficiently with a team in a fast-paced environment, have knowledge of the processes of video production and great editing skills (Online and Offline). 
- Able to understand the desired outcome of a project when meeting with clients and the ability to bring them to life 
- Proficient in Adobe Premiere Pro & Davinci Resolve 
- Able to come up with creative ideas & references. 
- Deep familiarity with color grading 
- Able to operate a camera and have great taste in music


Role Responsibilities
- Able to work effectively & efficiently with a team in a fast-paced environment. 
- Proficient in Adobe Premiere Pro & familiar with the whole production process. 
- Able to finish delegated tasks on time, usually within a short time frame. 
- Eager to learn, a team player, and not afraid to make mistakes. 
- Familiar with the whole production process.

If this is you, we’d love to have you on board. Let’s create magic together and show us your showreel! 
Email Subject - (Fulltime/Internship)_(YourName)_Videographer
Example: Internship_Nolan_Videographer

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