You provide a supporting role to the Business side of Maika Collective Studio;
| Account Executive | Project Manager | Copywirter | Social Media Officer |​​​​​​​
You will make a difference to digital communicaition and marketing, inspire the brands. You provide a supporting role to the account team as weel as some delivery support. You act as the kernel for the account team, providing accurate administration and reports. Delivery of small projects with a focus on time and profitability.

Role Responsibilities
Budget and Financial management​​​​​​​ Proactively follow up all outstanding purchase orders with clients. Manage financial spread sheets. Create statements of work for projects with support from PM. Produce status reports.
Team Support - Demonstrates a willingness to work with others to deliver tasks or projects. Always willing to help out when required: hands-on, proactive approach. Administration such as meeting notes and reports.Supporting and assisting in brainstorms and workshops.
Build Relationships Interacts well with all colleagues, suppliers and clients. Builds rapport with people. Keeps commitments and is consistently reliable. Has a high sense of personal esteem and self-control. Displays drive and enthusiasm for role and responsibilities.
Basic Research, Software skill  Able to conduct desk research, i.e. to research competitor activity. Able to produce MS Office, Excel, Project, PowerPoint and Word documents to a high standard. 
Desireable  - Thinks strategically - Stays current on business issues, trends and technological advances.

Email Subject - (Fulltime/Internship)_(YourName)_AccountExecutive  - Example: Fulltime_SteveJo_AccountExecutive
You will be responsible for the day-to-day management and operation of a wide range of projects, including multi-faceted advertising campaigns. You should be able to manage and deliver multiple projects with tight deadlinesDecisive, efficent, organized and self-sufficient. We are looking for a highly professional person willing to get involved, learn, evolve and grow in a company continuously looking forward.

Role Responsibilities
- Lead the complete project life cycle in a coordinated way with all involved parties
- Get involved, collaborate and support all the team members involved within a project in order to ease the production and make it as much clear and comfortable as possible
- Visualize and understand the whole production process of the project at any time
- Coordinate with all the involved teams and managers
- Predict any possible risks, warn about them and provide solutions convenient for both the client before they happen
- Accurate supervision of the deliveries both from the interal team as well as the providers
- Coordination and execution of project planning tasks (compilation of requirements, specifications, project plans and milestones) 
- Successful delivery of project milestones assurance
- General planning and definition for marketing and innovation projects
- Cost and time estimation 
- Commercial proposal creation, taking into account the clients needs and expectations
- Analytical capacity to monitor and create project and campaign reports 
- Follow trends, learn about them, and keep up to date to be able to always advice the clients with the latest references and information
- Strict quality control  
- Avoid overloading other team members with tasks, questions or issues that can be solved by oneself
- Always provide solutions to any problem that might come up
- Always go one step further
- Among others​​​​​​​

Email Subject - (Fulltime/Internship)_(YourName)_ProjectManager  - Example: Fulltime_AlinaBa_ProjectManager
You will develop advertising concepts. Mainly deliver the words and verbal content that accompanies the visual elements. Agency copywriters usually work in close partnership with art directors and have lots of input to the visual elements. Many advertising agencies appoint them as a creative team.
Copywriters are responsible for generating the words, slogans and audio scripts that accompany advertising visuals. The typical creative process can involve:  Discussing the client's core message and target audience. Brainstorming visual and copy ideas with other members of the creative team. Writing and presenting a few options to clients. Modifying copy until the client is satisfied. Overseeing the production phase.
Role Responsibilities
-Write copy for websites, blogs and adverts with social media officer.
Plan and execute content strategies for a range of clients.
Conceive creative ideas for client pitches.
Proofread text created by Creative team
Conduct research into target audiences for creative content.
Brainstorm ideas to find the best way to attract new audiences to well-known brands.
Work cohesively with the SEO team to create text relevant to readers.
Liaise with Graphic Design team to develop on-brand visuals for pitches and campaigns.
Email Subject - (Fulltime/Internship)_(YourName)_Copywriter  - Example: Fulltime_Rowling_Copywriter
Manage and control social media channels via social media content plans and strategies to maximise the outcome in this media and to enhance our search engine optimisation strategy. You’ll plan exciting digital campaigns well ahead of key reveals, events and PR beats, whilst keeping an eagle eye on new opportunities and trends on a daily basis.
You’ll play a key role in the marketing and business development teams, contributing to sales strategy and working closely with developers, sales, designers, copywriters, video editors/animators, web developers and more.
Role Responsibilities
Demonstrable experience briefing, creating, delivering, managing and analysing social, community or marketing campaign content preferably in technology or a related field.
An understanding of the marketing planning process and where social media and content marketing fits.
Excellent knowledge of current marketing campaign trends, and the strengths and weaknesses of the core social media channels. Significant hands-on experience using social media tools and web apps to schedule and deliver content.
Well-worn organisational skills for working to multiple deadlines on multiple projects at the same time, including working with external teams towards a shared goal.The confidence to work independently on both short and long-term tasks, and a willingness to collaborate with multiple teammates on ever-shifting projects and timelines.
Experience analysing core marketing metrics and presenting your findings in regular reports or meetings and paid digital advertising campaigns is preferred, but not essential.

Email Subject - (Fulltime/Internship)_(YourName)_SocialMedia  - Example: Fulltime_Pumpkin_SocialMedia
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